The Wake County Democratic Party takes great pride in being part of America’s oldest political party. In order to strengthen our democracy, we believe that all citizens should be able to participate in an economy that provides first and foremost for the basic human needs of food, shelter, personal safety, adequate health care, worthwhile employment and educational opportunity. The Wake County Democratic Party urges our elected officials to be responsible in their decisions and actions, to make available quality public education, to have compassion for those in need, to be inclusive and tolerant of those of different beliefs, and to work to protect the rights of the people.

Meet our Executive Board


(Left to Right. Front Row: Max Adams, David Bland, Brian Fitzsimmons, Mike Potter. Second Row: Micah Beasley, Nervahna Crew, Kevyn Creech. Third Row: Eunice Jones, Trish Wright, Brad Kennedy. Fourth Row: Rebecca Llewellyn, Byron Johnson.)

Brian Fitzsimmons - Chair

As a Democrat, Brian is committed to maintaining the gains Democrats have achieved in the past and will continue to make in the future. He served as the WCDP 1st Vice Chair in 2014 and as Vice President of the Young Democrats. Brian looks forward to building upon our successes and strategically organizing into historically difficult areas of Wake County. 

Rebecca Llewellyn - 1st Vice Chair

As a small business owner Rebecca understands the importance of organization. In her work with the WCDP as a District Coordinator she has been integral in building a Democratic presence across Wake County. As President of Democratic Women of Wake County Rebecca has been instrumental in organizing outreach, special projects and strengthening auxiliary operations. 

Kevyn Creech - 2nd Vice Chair

North Carolina native and lifelong Democrat, Kevyn has been tireless in her support of Democratic candidates, causes, and the Wake County Democratic Party. For more than two years, Kevyn has been the WCDP Lead District Coordinator and has been key in the building and activation of precincts county wide. Through her work as an educator and her experience working with campaigns up and down the ticket, Kevyn understands the importance of training. 

Byron Johnson - 3rd Vice Chair

The focus of 3rd Vice Chair is to serve as the publicity chair for the County Executive Committee. Byron’s experience working with data, strategy and messaging in campaigns across Wake County and NC have given him a deep understanding of the importance of clarity and direction in political communication. He looks forward to strengthening the lines of communication in Wake County and fostering relationships to bolster the message of the WCDP. 

Max Adams - Treasurer

"I am Max Adams, a long-time volunteer for the Democratic Party and its candidates. I am now honored to serve as treasurer of the Wake County Democratic Party after serving for over 5 years as treasurer of the Wake Democratic Men's Club."

Nervahna Crew- Secretary

Nervahna was reelected as the Secretary of the Wake County Democratic Party. Growing up in Wilmington DE she worked on her first campaign at the age of 12 in 1992. She had the privilege of working on campaigns ranging from local elections to the U.S. Senate campaigns of our current Vice President. After moving to Raleigh 11 years ago she continued to work on local, state and presidential races. Nervahna is looking forward to continuing to go above and beyond for the party.

Mike Potter - Raleigh Vice Chair

In just two years as the Wade Avenue District Coordinator Mike has organized or reorganized 6 of his 9 precincts. His mentoring and advising led to the organizing of 6 additional precincts in the Glenwood, Midtown and North Hills Districts. Mike has volunteered in School Board, County Commission and State Supreme Court races, as well as U.S. Senate and Presidential campaigns. Mike’s diligent efforts will be a great addition to the WCDP Board. 

Ruth Merkle - Cary Vice Chair

Ruth was reelected to her 4th term as the Cary Vice Chair. She was the 2014 President of the Wake Democratic Men’s Club, is a precinct 04-12 officer and she was elected as a Presidential Elector in 2012. Her continued leadership will be invaluable as we move forward in Wake County. 

David Bland - Wake Vice Chair

David was reelected as Wake County Vice Chair and is committed to working with the Executive Committee in setting the tone for a Democratic party resurgence statewide. He looks forward to working with the Executive Committee in the development of a strategic plan which will enhance the effectiveness of our party and makes himself available for precinct organizing and to any group ready to commit to winning this November and in 2016. 


 Click here to learn more about our Auxiliary and Club Officers.


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