The Wake County Democratic Party takes great pride in being part of America’s oldest political party. In order to strengthen our democracy, we believe that all citizens should be able to participate in an economy that provides first and foremost for the basic human needs of food, shelter, personal safety, adequate health care, worthwhile employment and educational opportunity. The Wake County Democratic Party urges our elected officials to be responsible in their decisions and actions, to make available quality public education, to have compassion for those in need, to be inclusive and tolerant of those of different beliefs, and to work to protect the rights of the people.

Meet our Executive Board

(Men from left to right. Dan Blue III, Gene Davis, Steven Hill, David Bland, Max Adams, and
Lee Sartain. Women from left to right. Marjorie Fields-Harris, Ruth Merkle, and Aolani Donegan.)

On Saturday, April 20, 2013 the Wake County Democratic Party held their annual convention at Daniels Middle School in Raleigh. Delegates from Wake County attended and voted in Party Officer's to serve a two year term (2013-2015).

Dan Blue III-Chair
"I am Dan Blue III and will be serving as the Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party for 2013 - 2015. I'm excited about our opportunities here in Wake County to build a better party and win elections."

Brian Fitzsimmons-1st Vice Chair
"I'm so excited to get to work with my fellow Democrats! We'll work harder, longer, and more efficiently than anybody. Let's make this our best year yet!"

Steven Hill- 2nd Vice Chair
"My name is Steven Hill and I am honored to have been elected for a 3rd term as your 2nd Vice-Chair. I am a long time activist and proud to call myself a "Yellow Dog Democrat. We have alot of work to do, and I am already planning training sessions for precinct officers and candidates."

Lee Sartain- 3rd Vice Chair
"I'm Lee Sartain and I'm proud to work with you as your 3rd Vice Chair. I will be helping to engage the party more effectively over social media and other technology channels. Make sure you are following us at @wakedems on Twitter for the latest updates."

Max Adams- Treasurer
"I am Max Adams, a long-time volunteer for the Democratic Party and its candidates. I am now honored to serve as treasurer of the Wake County Democratic Party after serving for over 5 years as treasurer of the Wake Democratic Men's Club."

Nervahna Crew- Secretary

Gene Davis- Raleigh Vice Chair
"I'm Gene Davis and I was re-elected the Raleigh Vice Chair. I am passionate about affordable housing, the arts, and education. I am an attorney, a teacher, a Sunday School teacher, a husband, a son, a brother, a cousin, and a friend -- and I will soon be a father."

Ruth Merkle- Cary Vice Chair
"I want to thank the Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs and other Delegates from Cary for your enthusiastic support of my re-election as Cary Vice Chair. I will continue to work hard to build a strong and active organization in Cary - one neighborhood and one precinct at a time. I am proud of the innovative and hard-working volunteers who I have recruited, trained and mentored who are now serving our Party as Precinct chairs, district coordinators and SEC members. With their help and yours, we will reclaim the House and Senate in North Carolina and in Washington!"

David Bland- Wake Vice Chair
"I am David Bland and will be serving as your Vice Chair for Wake County, 2013 - 2015. As a life long Democrat I am proud to be a part of a party that is dedicated to enhancing a society that puts people before political and corporate self serving greed, seeing that the benefits of our democracy are equally available to all our citizens, and defending unencumbered voter access for all."




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