Executive Committee


Rebecca Llewellyn, Chair
919.828.5656 EXT 106

Rebecca serves on the NCDP State Executive Committee, and was previously WCDP’s First Vice Chair, Democratic Women of Wake County’s President, and Democratic Women of North Carolina's 2nd Vice Chair. She is a North Carolina native, lifelong Democrat, and longtime resident of Raleigh. She has served as a precinct committee member, WCDP District Coordinator for Downtown Raleigh North, and core founding member of the WCDP Voter Assistance Task Force.

Clayton Brooks, 1st Vice Chair

Rhonda Bond, 2nd Vice Chair

Rhonda was previously WCDP’s Lead District Coordinator, served as a co-District Coordinator for the Mills District, and was a precinct chair for a number of years. She has volunteered for Howard Dean, Erskine Bowles, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Kay Hagan, Doug Berger, Hillary Clinton, and others, and was a field organizer for the successful 2011 Wake County school board coordinated campaign. She is a member of the SEC, the African American Caucus, and the Democratic Men’s Club, and has worked with the Wake County Voter Education Coalition.

Antoine Marshall, 3rD VICE CHAIR


Maria has dedicated her life to the party at every level, from working as a Data Corps and Neighborhood Team Leader for Obama in 2008 and 2012, an elected precinct committee person and Legislative District Neighborhood Team Leader in 2014, and a Data Management/Tech Corps Member and co-District Coordinator for West Cary starting in 2015.  Maria is an SEC member.  Maria is also vice chair of the WCDP Asian American/Pacific Islander Caucus.


Marina Lail Kelly, WAKE VICE CHAIR



Laurel Birch KilGore, Executive Director

Laurel started her career as a teenaged volunteer canvassing, registering voters, and stuffing envelopes. She worked in local, Congressional and Senate campaigns and in State Government and Federal Government before leaving public service to study social anthropology and African Art. For twenty years Laurel worked in academics, University development  and non profit consultancies in
St Andrews, Edinburgh and Malawi Africa. 

After returning to the USA, and moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, she re-engaged with politics as she passionately believes our democratic principles are at risk. In Wake County she was an Organizer for Hillary, 2016 and was Campaign Manager for Dahl HD 11 in the primary election 2018. During the General election 2018 she served as regional GOTV in north Indianapolis, her home town. Laurel is married to a true southerner, Sidney Wallis Kilgore and has a daughter Sara, and stepsons David and William.