Wake Dems Weekly Update: No news is good news


June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

Not much happened at the General Assembly this week, at least in terms of floor action in either chamber. The pace of committee hearings is starting to pick up up as lawmakers attempt to get out of Raleigh by the end of the month.

But as with last week, most of the action was behind closed doors, as budget conferees continued to haggle out a final budget agreement between the House and Senate. A conference report was expected Friday afternoon, but both chambers gaveled in and quickly gaveled out without one. Now the expectation is Monday night, with final votes next Thursday and Friday.

There was some more action in the courts, however. Gov. Cooper got two temporary setbacks this week: one in his lawsuit over the legislature’s December changes to the Board of Elections which would leave Republicans in power and lead to gridlock in enforcing election law, and another in his attempt to expedite the drawing of new legislative lines. The likelihood of 2017 special elections diminishes with each passing day, but there still may be an election before next November.


We will (hopefully) have information on the budget and its final vote. We will also review additional bills as the NCGA winds down this session.