Wake Dems Weekly Update: Maps go to court


September 1, 2017

We are sending out good thoughts to the people of Texas as they deal with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. If you would like to help out, please visit Charity Navigator to find a list of organizations to which you can donate.


Here at home, the main topic of debate for the last few weeks has been how far Republicans will go to preserve their gerrymandered supermajority and how much they will tempt fate with the federal courts in doing so.

Well, this week, they gave us the answer. They presented and passed a set of maps for the House and Senate that are intentionally designed to prolong their partisan advantage and which do not address the racial gerrymandering problems which the courts ordered them to solve.

In Wake County, Republicans are clearly bent on protecting their own vulnerable Rep. Nelson Dollar and Chris Malone, as well as Sen. John Alexander and Tamara Barringer, while targeting our Rep. Joe John. But given the way the winds are blowing and the strength of our candidates, those Republicans and plenty more who would normally be safe had better strap in.

The court still has to review the maps for compliance with their ruling, and because Republicans seemingly thumbed their noses at the court, there is some hope they throw the maps out. If judges reject them, there is a good chance the court will draw their own map or adopt some portion of theplaintiffs’ map, rather than giving legislators another shot. In that case, the lines should be fairer.

Regardless, it’s game on for 2018.


The General Assembly adjourned yesterday until October 4th at noon. At that time, they can take up just about any topic, including a potential new voter ID bill, further overrides of Gov. Cooper’s vetoes, judicial gerrymandering, possible redraws of Wake’s school board and county commission maps, and even impeachment of Elaine Marshall.

We hope you and your family have a relaxing temporary respite from legislative horror this Labor Day weekend!