Wake Dems Weekly Update: BOE Updates


The March for Our Lives was held on March 24th in Washington, DC and locations around the globe. Raleigh hosted a sister event that drew thousands to Halifax Mall to demand action by the GOP-led NCGA and the federal government to pass common sense gun control laws.  

Speakers at the event included Fourth District Congressman David Price, State Senator Jay Chaudhuri, and WCDP volunteer and organizer, Aaron Wolff, a survivor of the Virginia Tech mass shooting in 2007.

Thank you to all who participated in the rally!

Update on the Board Of Elections and Ethics Enforcement

Dallas Woodhouse, the Executive Director of the NC Republican Party, let the cat out of the bag last week. Although the GOP-majority NCGA added a ninth seat to the Board last month to address possible legal concerns about its makeup, Woodhouse is now threatening a constitutional amendment this November to allow an even number of Democrats and Republicans to serve.

Last week, Governor Cooper named Damon Circosta of Raleigh to the ninth seat on the Board, reserved for an Unaffiliated member.  Prior to his appointment, the Board had held round after round of tie votes, split along party lines, to name two possible unaffiliated voters to fill the vacant ninth board seat, from whom the Governor could select one. Circosta, who won a unanimous vote from the Board, is the Chair of the AJ Fletcher Foundation and previously ran the NC Center for Voter Education.

Even though Circosta has served both Republican and Democratic lawmakers throughout his career, Woodhouse did not like the outcome and threatened to change the rules once again to get his way.

Woodhouse now admits that merging the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission was never about efficiency, nor was it best for citizens of NC, as the GOP claimed at the time. Rather, it was never anything more than s a power play to restrict Governor Cooper’s Executive authority and keep him from having a majority on the State Board of Elections. It’s unbelievable to watch Republicans try to rig the rules of a system they’ve already gamed," stated Ford Porter, a spokesman for Governor Cooper.

All hands on deck!

The Brennan Center for Justice has recently published Extreme Gerrymandering & the 2018 Midterm. The report highlights the challenges that Democrats face in winning majorities in highly gerrymandered states in 2018. North Carolina, one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, is called out in particular.

  • In North Carolina, even if Democrats win three seats with 29.66 percent of the statewide vote, they are not projected to compete for a fourth seat until their statewide vote share reaches 52.78 percent, an increase of 23.12 percentage points.

Using sophisticated computer programs, Republicans have gerrymandered these Districts to withstand the normal six to seven point swing we typically see in midterm elections, thus increasing the percentage of the statewide vote we must carry to win.

This report does not indicate that a #BlueWave2018 is impossible. It does, however,highlight the importance of Get Out the Vote initiatives in places like Wake County, where the Second Congressional District is flippable if Democrats show up to vote in larger than normal numbers for a midterm election. A high voter turnout is also essential to #BreaktheMajority in the NCGA.

What can we do to help build the base for the #BlueWave2018 now?

  • The first step is already in place. We are running at least one Democrat in every local and federal election!

  • The second step is also already in place. We are running well-qualified Democrats with common sense solutions for the issues that matter to voters.

  • Organization and a strong volunteer base at the precinct level is essential. Start reaching out to your voters now!  We have so many great ways of reaching out to voters - email, phone banks, social media, even good old “snail mail”. Be creative and enthusiastic!

  • Voter registration runs until April 13th. Encourage your Democratic friends and family to register, if they havenot, and to check their registration for any needed changes, if they already have.

  • We need to see high voter turnout in the May primaries! Absentee ballot applications are available now through May 1st. Early voting begins April 19th at the Wake County Board of Elections and at all other early voting sites on April 26th.

  • Volunteer as a poll greeter on Primary and Election Days! Seeing a smiling Democratic face at the polls is important to voters. Contact your Precinct Chair for more information. Not sure who your Precinct Chair is? Check out this handy Find My Precinct application at wakedems.org.

  • The Orange County Democratic Party has provided County-to-County Campaign Materials to support organization, volunteer, and GOTV initiatives. Check them out!

  • Remember, this is a marathon, not a race. We will need to work from now until November 6th to win. We will continue to provide links to webinars and other resources related to GOTV as they become available.

Fourth District Convention to be held May 5th in Raleigh

Join the Fourth Congressional District Democratic Party as they hold their annual District Convention! They will elect officers to various positions in the Party, consider resolutions submitted from county conventions, and hear from candidates across the Fourth District!

Registration will begin at 9 am and the Convention will start at 10 am at the McKimmon Center for Continuing and Extension Education at NC State University. For more information, check out their Facebook Event.

Keep up with WCDP events and news!

Primaries are underway in Wake County, and WCDP board and staff are making every effort to keep up with the myriad events taking place across the county, from candidate fundraisers to auxiliary meetings. Check out our central calendar here, and if you have events of your own you wish to publicize, send details to WCDP 3rd Vice Chair Zainab Baloch (wcdp3vc@gmail.com).

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