SPECIAL UPDATE: Make your comments on Early Voting sites

A message from our friend Richard Loeppert:

The State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement is holding a very important meeting this Sunday, August 5 for consideration of one-stop early voting plans for 15 counties, including Wake, whose boards were each unable to to agree unanimously on their plans.

For Wake County, the outcome will impact access to the polls for many of our citizens. Wake County plans can be downloaded from here.

The State Board is accepting public comment using an on-line form. The importance of the on-line comments cannot be overstated, as we can be assured some other citizens will be making comments with the sole purpose of restricting the vote by segments of the population. On-line comments to the State Board of Elections must be received by Thursday, August 2.

Here is a brief comparison of Wake County early voting plans:

  • Wake County plans A and C are similar in that they include both Chavis and the NC State Talley sites, a strong distribution of county sites, and each has received strong Democratic input.
  • Plan C has the advantage of an additional popular site (Optimist Community Center), but has the disadvantage of only one day of Sunday voting compared to two days for plan A.
  • Plans B and D are the Republican promoted plans that have not proposed the Talley site or Sunday voting.

It is clear that a melding of plans A and C would be the preferable course of action to provide the best possible access to the diversity of Wake County citizens.

In your public comments to the Board it would certainly be okay to advocate for plan C and at the same time stress the need to increase access to Sunday voting, which is the preferred (and sometimes only) option for many Wake County citizens. Advocacy for the Talley and Chavis sites, weekend voting options, and especially Sunday voting remain important.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like more information on any of the previous Wake County BOE earty voting site and time discussions.

I especially hope that you are able to take a few minutes to make an on-line public comment by the August 2 cutoff date.



Richard Loeppert, WDMC Liaison to WCDP Voting Task Force