Voting Instructions

Sit with your precinct. There will be signs on the convention floor to help you find your precinct. If voting by ballot is necessary, fill out your ballot and pass it to your precinct chair. The precinct chair or designated leader will tally up the votes for the precinct and then pass all the ballots and tally sheet to the floor runners.

Precinct Vote Tally

Each precinct packet contains several precinct tally sheets to count votes when we vote by ballot.  

The precinct chair or designated leader will fill out a tally sheet for each round of balloting:

  1. Enter Precinct, # of Ballots, and print your Name at the top of the tally sheet.

  2. For runoffs, print the office or contest in the box for Office.

  3. Enter the number of votes for each candidate (2nd column).  If a candidate nominated at the convention receives votes, print the name of the candidate in the designated box (1st column).

  4. The precinct packet contains a list of delegates and their municipal (Raleigh or Cary) or county (Wake) voting districts. Use this information when voting by ballot for the Cary Vice Chair, Raleigh Vice Chair, or Wake Vice Chair. Check that each delegate votes only for the candidate in their voting district.

  5. Check that all the ballots have been signed and the number of paper ballots matches the # of ballots entered on the the tally sheet. If the tally sheet is filled out incorrectly and the votes can’t be counted accurately, then these ballots may be declared spoiled and not counted.

  6. Sign the tally sheet in the Signature box.

Clip or attach all ballots to tally sheet and pass them to the floor runners.


Precinct Tally EXAMPLE


Tip: you can put hash marks in the margins to help you keep count.


Runoff Tally Example


For all runoffs, remember to enter the office name in the Office box.