Per 0.01 of the NCDP Plan of Organization, this meeting is open to open to all registered Democrats inclusive of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability. However, for the purposes of this Convention, only duly elected 2019 WCDP County Convention Delegates have a voice.


RULE 1. Chair or Presiding Individual. The county Chair or presiding individual has general direction of the County Convention meeting on March 23, 2019 (the “Convention”) and the authority to take such action as is necessary to maintain order. The Chair, with the guidance of the designated Parliamentarian, decides all questions of order, subject to an appeal by any member. Order of priority of Rules is (A) the Plan of Organization (the “Plan”), (B) these rules as adopted by the County Convention Delegates (“Convention delegates,” “Delegates,” or “the body”), and (C) Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised, 11th Edition). Courteous respect for one another is the standing order of the day. The Agenda will be followed as adopted by Convention delegates. While pending, the Agenda may be amended by majority vote. After adoption, the Agenda may only be modified by a 2/3's vote of the body. Similarly, Special Rules governing the Convention may be amended by majority vote while pending. After adoption, Special Rules may only be modified or suspended by a 2/3's vote of the body. These rules are valid only for the 2019 Convention.

RULE 2. Credentialed Voting. Only duly elected Convention delegates present during a vote, election, or quorum call will have a voice. No delegate may vote in an election or quorum call in absentia. An attempt to or execution of voting by non- delegates or in absentia shall be grounds for discipline by the County Executive Committee and/or the Council of Review. Per the Plan, proxies are not allowed at Convention. The Chair may take voice votes, standing votes, or ballots for any or all votes. If unsure of the prevailing side of a vote, the Chair will ask for a weighted vote or roll call. Any delegate may ask for a weighted vote on any item.


RULE 3. Obtaining Recognition. With the exception of physical challenge, delegates wishing to speak will rise, approach a microphone, and await recognition by the Chair or presiding individual. The Chair will inquire the Delegate’s purpose for seeking recognition and if deemed in order, the Chair will recognize the Delegate. Upon recognition, the Delegate will state the following clearly: name and precinct number. Further, all speakers will abide the Rules of the Day as they regard to limitations on debate, nominating or candidate speeches, obtaining recognition, and credentialed voting.

RULE 4. Limitations on Debate. No Delegate will speak in debate more than once on the same question or longer than one (1) minute, without permission of the County Convention granted by a majority vote without debate. The debate period will be capped at 60 minutes. Ad hominem arguments will not be tolerated by the Chair who may curtail the speaker’s remaining time if necessary.

RULE 5. Ballots. Improperly completed or illegible ballots will be set aside as spoiled and not counted toward a vote. Spoiled ballots will only be reconsidered if the outcome of a vote could potentially be affected, at which time a designated runner will attempt to confer with the precinct or individual who completed the ballot.

RULE 6. Orders of the Day. The Convention convenes at 10:30 AM on March 23, 2019 for the purposes set forth in the agenda. Delegate registration closes 30 minutes post-quorum call; elected delegates arriving after the close of registration will not have a voice at Convention. The Convention shall take up business as noted on the Convention agenda. The Convention will adjourn on or before 4:15 PM on March 23, 2019.


RULE 7. County Executive Officers. Election of County Executive Officers for two-year terms begins with the election of the Chair, followed by the election of the 1st Vice Chair, who must be of a different gender. Following the 1st Vice Chair’s

election, the remainder of the County Executive Officer’s Committee will be elected in this order: 2nd Vice Chair through Treasurer, then Raleigh Vice Chair, Cary Vice Chair, and Wake County Vice Chair. (A) Candidates for Chair are allotted up to four (4) minutes in total for a nominating speech + seconding speech + candidate speech. (B) Candidates for remaining County Executive Officers are allotted up to three (3) minutes in total for a nominating a speech + seconding speech + candidate speech. (C) All delegates will vote for all of the following Executive Officer candidates: Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 3rd Vice Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer. (D) Only delegates residing within the specific Wake County region- Raleigh municipal, Cary municipal, or Wake County- may vote for their respective Municipal or County Vice Chair.

RULE 8. State Executive Committee. The Convention will elect 62 members to the State Executive Committee. The newly elected County Chair will automatically be a member of the Wake SEC delegation and not included in the separate SEC election. *By rule, convention delegates must cast one half of their votes each for women and men. (A) Names appearing on the pre-printed ballot for the SEC are entered into nomination for that election by adoption of this special rule. No further action is required to enter those candidates into nomination. Information about these nominees is located at (B) Nominees from the floor will be afforded no more than 20 seconds total. For efficiency, SEC nominations will not be seconded. Candidate names and precinct numbers from the floor will be listed on screen; delegates will handwrite candidate names on the appropriate SEC ballot.

*Per the Non-Binary Gender Rule passed by County Executive Officers at the 02/25/19 monthly meeting: A non-binary gendered individual running for an SEC seat will choose to run on either the Male or Female SEC ballot since we only have binary language and binary ballot options per the Plan at this time. After that, a second non-binary person will do so on the opposite ballot of the first individual. From that point on, any remaining non-binary gendered candidates will alternate between ballots to ensure equity for all candidates regardless of gender status.

RULE 9. Election of Congressional District Executive Committee Representatives. The WCDP Chair and 1st Vice Chair automatically serve as voting representatives of the CD Executive Committee based on the congressional district in which they reside. As Wake County has two congressional districts (2 & 4), the balance of representation will be elected from active county Democrats residing within the congressional district boundaries and divided equally between different genders. (A) Candidates for CD Executive Committee Representative are afforded two (2) minutes total for a nominating speech + seconding speech + candidate speech. (B) Only delegates residing within the specific congressional district (2 or 4) may vote for a respective CD Executive Committee Representative.

RULE 10. Election of Delegates to Congressional District Conventions. The Convention will elect 336 Delegates to the 2nd Congressional District Convention and 712 Delegates to the 4th Congressional District Convention. The election of Delegates to their respective CD Conventions will follow this order until the exact number of allotted delegates is reached: given there are approximately 445 individuals residing in CD2 and 780 individuals residing in CD4 who both attended annual precinct meetings and were elected as delegates to Convention, (A) all Convention delegates in attendance today, then (B) then all elected precinct officers who were elected as Convention delegates but not in attendance today, (C) all elected Convention delegates who attended annual precinct organization meetings but are not here today, then (D) a reduction of Convention delegates in part C via random selection as needed to reach the exact allotment number for a Congressional District delegation.

RULE 11. Resolutions Received from Organized Precincts The resolutions submitted to Convention by the Resolutions Committee in its report will be considered as a package, while resolutions from the floor will be considered outside of the package. (A) Resolutions from the package may be changed by an objection to remove the item for further consideration, and each such motion requires a majority vote of the assembled Convention delegates. The delegate who objected to the resolution as part of the package may have a maximum of 30 seconds to explain the objection. There will be no further debate before a vote. (B) The remaining package will be put to majority vote of Convention delegates prior to considering resolutions removed for further consideration. (C) Each removed resolution will be debated on its merits and put to a majority vote of Convention delegates. (D) Resolutions from the floor must be made available in either hard or digital copy and will be considered after the Resolutions Committee’s report. Debate is opened by a 2/3’s vote of the body. (E) Any resolutions removed from the package or floor not reached during the convention will be brought to the next County Executive Committee meeting for consideration.