County Convention

The convention will be on Saturday, March 23. Check-in begins at 9 AM. The convention begins at 10:30.

Building L, parking in staff spaces available


Wake Tech Community College
9101 Fayetteville Road
Building L, 2nd Floor Conference Room

Lunch boxes for sale: contact to reserve your lunchbox, 919-464-8773



Elect County Executive Officers
Elect State Executive Committee
Elect Congressional District delegates
Resolutions and Rules


Volunteers Needed!

We need your help make our convention a success! If you're a registered Democrat or a high school student, please volunteer and be a part of making our politics work.

There are many opportunities to volunteer: prepare precinct packets, set up signs, check in delegates, collect ballots, enter data to tally votes, and help take down signs when the convention ends.



Early nominations are closed. Additional nominations can be made from the convention floor.


Proposed Rules

These are the proposed standing rules for the convention.



These are the proposed resolutions.


Minutes from 2018 convention