Precinct Organizing

What is Precinct Organizing?

Precinct organizing refers to the process of electing officers of a precinct or filling officer vacancies. This process is guided by the NCDP Plan of Organization. Each year, officers are elected or confirmed during the Precinct Annual Meeting (PAM) window, which is determined by NCDP. When officers need to be elected outside of the PAM window, special procedures must be followed.

The following page presents basic information you may need. If you have further questions, email

Organizing Outside of Annual Meeting Window

To organize a precinct outside of the Precinct Annual Meeting (PAM) period, please use the Precinct Org Toolkit. It describes the steps you need to take and has links to required documents.

Precinct Officer Vacancies

Use the Precinct Org Toolkit to fill officer vacancies outside of the PAM window.

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Upcoming Events

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