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Emmy B. and Wiley Nickel

About Precinct Annual Meetings

Note: Precinct annual meetings are being scheduled according to the guidelines emailed to precinct officers. DO NOT use this form to submit precinct meetings held between February 17th and March 5th. Instead, email approvals@wakedems.org to request your meeting approval.

  1. Read the Calendar Guidelines to understand whether your event requires chair approval, and advance notice requirements.
  2. Use the button below to submit an event request. If you would like a recurring event or an event that has shifts, the calendar team will need to update the event after you submit. Please include as much detail as possible each field.
  3. Your request will be evaluated by our calendar team within 3 days. They will contact you if they have additional questions. Note: If your event is in less than 10 days, it may not be posted in time to meet advance notice requirements.
  4. Once your event is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. If you requested an RSVP form, you will receive a link to an Attendee Check-In page that allows you to view the name and contact information for everyone who has signed up to attend your event.