Frequently Asked Questions

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Volunteering with Wake Dems

I want to help, where do I start?

Thank you for volunteering your time with Wake Dems! We are a grassroots organization that is almost entirely run by volunteers like you. Whether you have 1 hour a week or 1 hour a month, we’ll connect you with a team or project working to elect Democrats who share our values.

Fill out our Volunteer Interest Survey, which helps us match you with an activity, team, or committee. One of our Volunteer Engagement Team members will reach out to chat about how you’re interested in helping out.

Events, Calendar, and Mobilize

Where can I find my meeting link from Mobilize?

You should receive an email with instructions for joining the meeting or event you registered for.

If you don’t see it, you can find the link on your Supporter Dashboard.

How do I update my email or phone number in Mobilize?

You can update your contact details using your Supporter Dashboard.

Precincts and Precinct Organization

What is a precinct?
  • It’s the official organizing unit of the Democratic Party
  • It’s the area where people share an Election Day voting location
  • It’s you and your neighbors!
How do I know which precinct I’m in?

You can find your precinct using the NC Board of Elections Voter Lookup Tool.

What is Precinct Organization?

Precincts are required to meet once a year for an Organizational Meeting (per the NCDP Plan of Organization)

Precinct Organization is the foundation of grassroots organizing. It all starts here with you and your neighbors. Organizing your precinct gives your community power and a voice in the Party and provides tools and resources to get your neighbors out to vote!

What happens at the Annual Meeting?

Certify the meeting

  • Verify that at least 5 registered Democrats from the precinct are in attendance

Elect officers in odd-numbered years | (List of Duties)

  • Chair: The main point of contact for precinct volunteers, organizes Get Out the Vote activities in the precinct, serves as the site captain for Election Day poll greeting, becomes a voting member of the County Executive Committee
  • Vice Chair: Second point of contact for precinct volunteers, organizes Get Out the Vote activities in the precinct, becomes a voting member of the County Executive Committee
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Keeps minutes for official business meetings, does not actually do anything related to being a Treasurer (most precincts do not handle their own money because it’s a pain to set up and manage)

Elect delegates

  • Each delegate represents a percentage of that precinct’s Democratic population
  • The number of delegates is based on the number of Democratic votes for Governor in the last election
  • Delegates vote on County leadership and representation on the State Executive Committee
  • County delegates become Congressional delegates become State delegates all the way to the National Convention
  • Unorganized Precincts leave those delegate votes on the table unused

Submit resolutions

What can an organized precinct do?

Organize and lead volunteer Get Out the Vote efforts in their local area. Becoming a precinct officer is an avenue to help get representation for your community’s voices and ideas.

The elected Chair and Vice Chair become voting members of the County Executive Committee, which means they have a say in who gets elected to leadership positions in the Party.

In addition, organized precincts will elect delegates to the County Convention (held once a year) where they will elect County Party leadership, vote on resolutions, and elect representatives to the State Executive Committee.

Councils and Committees

What is the County Executive Committee (CEC)?
  • The governing body for the county Democratic Party
  • Sometimes refered to as the “CEC” or “Full CEC”
  • Required to meet at least three times per year
  • Required to handle certain business items

The CEC is made up of:

  • Elected members of the county’s Executive Council
  • Chairs and Vice Chairs of each of the organized precincts in the county
  • Representatives of the county chapters of state-wide auxiliaries
  • Members of the county’s delegation to the State Executive Committee
  • Elected Democratic officials representing all parts of the county
  • Officers of Congressional District executive committees (residing in the county)
  • The county party attorney (if the county has one)

Read more about the CEC here.

What is the Small County Executive Committee?
  • The Officers of the Small County Executive Committee function as the CEC when the full CEC is not in session
  • Previously known as “The Board”
  • Sometimes referred to as the “Small CEC”
  • Meets on the Fourth Monday of every month

The Small CEC is made up of:

  • Elected members of the county’s Executive Council
  • Presidents of county chapters of statewide organizations
What is the Executive Council?
  • Elected Officers of the county Party
  • Elected at the County Convention (odd-numbered years)
  • Serve a two year term
  • View the Current Council

Executive Council Officers:

  • Chair
  • First Vice Chair – Precinct and District Operations
  • Second Vice Chair – Training and Education
  • Third Vice Chair – Media and Communications
  • Treasurer – Financial Operations
  • Secretary – Meeting Notices and Minutes
  • Regional Vice Chairs – Apex, Cary/Morrisville, Raleigh, Wake
What is the State Executive Committee?
  • The governing body for the state Democratic Party
  • Sometimes refered to as the “SEC”
  • County SEC delegation elected every two years at the County Convention and at CEC meetings to fill term vacancies
  • Meets quarterly
  • Elects the State Executive Leadership
  • Votes on updates to the Party Platform and Plan of Organization
  • Members serve a two year term
  • View the Current Wake SEC Delegation

The State Executive Committee is made up of:

  • Elected members of the county’s SEC delegation
  • Members of the State Executive Council
  • Elected and Appointed Officers of the SEC
  • Ex-officio Officers and Members
  • Congressional District Chairs
  • County Chairs

Upcoming Events

Wake Senior Dems Weekly Meet Up

June 12 @ 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Join us weekly for a quick organizing event to rebuild membership after COVID.

Holly Springs Area General Meeting

June 12 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Come meet with local Dems virtually and join a Holly Springs Area Meeting today! We are currently me...

Precinct 01-23 Monthly Meet-up to Unleash Imagination

June 13 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Join with members of the Generativity Generation in Precinct 01-23 on Second Thursdays

Precinct meeting for 01-26

June 13 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Precinct Meeting to elect officers.