CEC Meeting

County Executive Committee Meeting — District Court 10D

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Upcoming Meeting
  • Zoom opens at 6:40pm
  • Meeting begins at 7:00pm
  • Pre-credentialing/registration is required by 11:59pm on Tuesday, February 6th
  • This meeting is for Wake County Democratic Party CEC members and registered Democrats who would like to observe.


Pursuant to the Plan of Organization Sections 2.02, 3.08, 3.13 and 12.02, and N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7A-142(d((2)(a),  a special election is being held to fill a vacancy in the position of Judicial District 10D District Court Seat 3 for a candidate to appear on the November General election ballot to serve from January 1, 2025 until December 31, 2026.


Click the links to see a photo of the candidates and review statements, resumes, and voting histories.

Meeting Notices
CEC Members will receive a registration and credential notice via email. If you haven’t already opted in to receive emailed meeting notifications, please do so.
Meeting Support Information
All Wake County CEC members are asked to attend this meeting to discuss and vote on important business for WCDP. CEC stands for County Executive Committee. The CEC is the governing body for the county Democratic Party.
Who’s on the CEC?

The CEC is comprised of

  • Chairs and Vice Chairs of each of the organized precincts in the district
  • Elected members of the county’s Executive Council
  • Representatives of the county chapters of state-wide auxiliaries
  • Members of the county’s delegation to the State Executive Committee
  • Officers of Congressional District executive committees (residing in the district)
  • The county party attorney (if the county has one and they live in the district)
For additional support or if you are having trouble pre-registering, use the following contacts:

  • Email cec.team@wakedems.org (preferred)
  • Call the office phone and leave a voicemail: (919)916-5641, ext. 3


Meeting Registration

Pre-registration is REQUIRED

  • Voting members and observers must complete the registration form by 11:59pm on Tuesday, February 6th.
  • There will be no exceptions.
  • If you are a CEC member but cannot attend, please send a proxy. Both you and your proxy must register by the above deadline.
How Can I Attend?

– Complete the Pre-Credentialing / RSVP Form before the deadlines above.

Who Fills Out the Form?

  • Voting Members of the CEC
  • Member Proxies
  • Observers
  • Volunteers
  • Presenters
  • Candidates

Required Form

Meeting Documents
Full previous meeting minutes are forthcoming.


Proposed Agenda Highlights:

  • Wake Co. District Court Judge, District 10D, Seat 3,  Nominee Election
  • Other business and announcements

Special Rules

Special rules are chosen on a meeting-by-meeting basis. The CEC will discuss and adopt the rules as they see fit for use during the meeting.