WCDP Impact Circle

Introducing the WCDP Impact Circle

The WCDP Impact Circle is a coalition of passionate Wake County Democrats who pledge to financially support the Party and equip our people to do what they do best: secure wins for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Each member contributes $83.33 monthly for a total annual contribution of $1,000.

We’re building the

future of WCDP.

Here’s where we’re headed:

Since 2020, the number of volunteers and contributors we serve has more than tripled. To keep building on that momentum, we’re in the process of right-sizing our staff and our systems to better serve our 14,000 volunteers and contributors, but we must ensure that our funding keeps pace.

WCDP has historically utilized event-based fundraising as our primary funding source. While we’ll continue hosting rich-tradition events such as our Annual Valentine’s Day Celebration and our Fall Fundraiser, we’re moving away from relying on them for funding our day to day operations.

We’re investing in the sustainable, year-round organizing infrastructure that is needed to win elections from the back of the ballot to the front. We don’t believe there’s a single election in Wake County that we can’t win when we have the resources we need to operate at our best. The Impact Circle is the foundation of the future we’re building.

We Hope You’ll Join Us

We’d be honored to have you as the newest member of the WCDP Impact Circle.

Click below to become a founding member and join us at our next quarterly gathering.

Member Benefits

As a member of the Impact Circle, you will receive:

– Invitations to quarterly Impact Circle gatherings
– Recognition across our online platforms and at signature WCDP events
– An Impact Circle membership certificate, lapel pin, and more

And you will equip WCDP to:

– Help communities organize, build power, and advocate for policies that serve their needs
– Mobilize voters to elect Democrats up and down the ballot who share our values
– Fight for all North Carolinians, no matter who they are or where they come from

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Jim Saranteas, Impact Circle Co-Chair

Jon McLamb, Impact Circle Co-Chair

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