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The District Coordinators work directly for WCDP. Their focus is on organizing, activating, and supporting precincts, assisting with various WCDP events and programs, as well as providing leadership and coverage at the polls during election time. Dan Wilkes is the Lead District Coordinator (LDC) for WCDP, serving as liaison, coordinator, and point-of-contact for all DCs.  

Please contact Dan and 1st Vice Chair Charles Stephenson if you have questions about or are interested in becoming a DC. If you are considering a leadership role in the Party, this is a great place to start.

Our 2nd VC Rhonda Bond provides a variety of trainings and resource materials for Wake County Democrats.  Among them are Precinct 101 classes geared toward new precinct officers and DCs, as well as veteran officers wishing to brush up on precinct guidelines and best-practices for growing a precinct.

Precinct 101 and other timely trainings as requested by WCDP leadership will be posted on the WCDP calendar.  

Click HERE for a Precinct 101 Overview.

Upcoming Trainings  

Check our Calendar periodically for further updates.                     

We're looking for volunteers with technical skills to help build web sites and update web pages.  Do you have skills with  Wordpress, PHP, SQL, or JSON?  Contact us to get started.