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Hello Precinct Officers:

It’s that time again! All precincts in North Carolina must meet in order to be organized. Because it’s an odd year, that means all precincts must nominate and vote on their precinct officers for 2023-25 at the meeting. This year’s precinct organizing window is February 25 – March 11.

The first step is to schedule your precinct’s meeting. If you have not done this already, please contact to let us know your plans.

We need to post the date, time, & location of your precinct’s meeting at least 7 days in advance, but we are hoping to finalize the meetings ASAP in order to move to outreach, training, and document preparation.

Thank you so much for everything you do to make Wake Dems successful!

Prepare for Your Meeting

Please review meeting slides and forms in the Google Drive folder shared with you. Precinct officers and organizers received a link to a folder for their area in an email from with the subject: “IMPORTANT: [Area Name] Precinct Meeting Information & Links”. You can also go to and search for your area’s name under Shared with Me.

If you have trouble accessing the files, please make sure you are logged into Google using the email address WCDP has associated with you (it is whatever email address you receive email from Please see these instructions for verifying which account you are logged into. If you are having trouble, please email a request with your precinct number to Do NOT click the “Request Access” button.

When you are ready for your meeting, first look for the Google Form named “*Start Here [Area Name] Area 2023 Precinct Annual Meeting Report“. This form will walk you through submitting the names of your delegates and officers and provide information on the Sustaining Fund and resolutions.

If you have more than 5 delegates to elect, you will have the option to enter them on the spreadsheet labeled “2023 PAM Extended Reporting Spreadsheet: [Area Name].” You will have edit access for this spreadsheet a day or two before your meeting.

If you need the names of potential delegates, please look in the folder named “Potential Delegate PDFs.” This folder contains the PAM Priority and Extended lists from the DMC. If you requested data from the DMC before the meeting, these are the same lists.

The meeting slides are called “[Area Name] 2023 PAM Agenda & Digital Packet“. You will not have edit access to the slides. If you wish to modify them, open them and then click File -> Make a Copy.

If you have questions, email or submit a support request.


Having robust attendance at your precinct’s meeting is important for a few reasons:

  • Broad community participation makes sure that your precinct’s leaders, delegates, and resolutions represent your community members.
  • Lots of participation means lots of active team members! Having more and better informed people involved with your precinct team will help you mobilize even more voters, elect more Democrats, and do more to serve your community!
  • Quorum (5 Democrats from your precinct minimum) is required to conduct any business like electing officers.

Reaching out to active Democrats in your precinct to inform them of the meeting and providing a direct invitation to join is the best way to increase participation in the meeting. You can do this through door-knocking, phone-calling, direct mailing, and more.

You can request a list of active Democrats and appropriate contact information from the WCDP Data Management Corps using the Data Request Portal located here. Consult your Area Coordinator for assistance or email if you don’t know what to do next.

Training Opportunities

You may view the videos of our PAM trainings below:

In the Precinct Annual Meeting Run-Through & Training, you will be able to attend a mock meeting in which you will walk through the entire precinct organizing agenda for this year’s meetings.

Precinct Annual Meeting Run-Through: Video Link (passcode: kq1?$S0@)

Resolutions Training: Video Link (passcode: 3tCb%d9&)

In the precinct organizing office hours, you can drop in to ask any questions that you have for your precinct. Please take advantage of these opportunities to help your precinct meeting run smoothly.

Precinct Organizing Office Hours:


Each precinct officer has been given access to a Google Drive folder containing their documentation. Please check your email for an email with the subject line “Folder shared with you” and the name of your area.

Click here for information on your precinct’s County Convention delegate allotment.

Click here for the Print-Friendly Screen Reader-Friendly Precinct Annual Meeting Packet.

Sustaining Fund

Click here for information on how to donate.

Your support allows us to work to elect Democratic candidates and move Democratic causes forward across our county. Together, we will keep winning in Wake!

This Sustaining Fund helps WCDP maintain things like:

  • Website, Zoom account, and other digital tools
  • Production of Poll Kits and other Precinct materials
  • Access to our database of voters
  • Staff, office space, and utilities
  • So much more!

*Note: This form will be open through the Wake County Convention on April 15. Please remember to enter your precinct number on the 4th section of this form so that we can more quickly count this toward your precinct’s sustaining fund goal.

Click here for information on your precinct’s sustaining fund goal.

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