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WCDP is proud to announce our full slate of endorsed candidates for the 2023 Wake County Municipal Elections. We would like to thank all Democratic candidates who participated in our endorsement interview process.

2023 Wake County Municipal Elections Endorsed Candidates:

Graphic listing all of the 2023 Endorsed Municipal Candidates

2023 Endorsed Cary Municipal Candidates:

WCDP 2023 Endorsed Cary Municipal Candidates

Questionnaire Responses

As part of our rigorous process, candidates responded to a questionnaire about the background and views on important issues. Read the candidates responses at this link.

Our Endorsement Process

In partisan races like those for President or Governor, discerning which candidates the Democratic party endorses is simple because they have a (D) beside their name.  In those races, the primary voting process allows Democratic voters the opportunity to choose which candidate to support.  

However, in non-partisan municipal races, the decision can be more difficult as partisan labels are not attached to a candidate’s name. WCDP has developed a process over the past decade to evaluate the candidates via a robust endorsement process. Read more about it here.

Links to Candidate Websites

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